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Align and connect your technology to meet your business goals. With a core team of dedicated IT professionals that put the privacy of you and your customers above all else, A-Cubed transforms your business with the latest technology solutions and gives you the Agility, Automation and Alignment you need to succeed.

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Technology Consultation

Learn how to operate your business more efficiently with the latest technology and software solutions. We provide expert consultation so you can develop and implement effective tech strategies that will improve your customer experience and improve your business processes effectively and affordably.

  • Networking
  • IoT Automation
  • Software Applications/Integration


Managed Services

Get the help you need with the services you need to run your business. No more guessing about which software applications or devices you need to get the job done. With Managed Services from A-Cubed, we’ll take a deep dive into your current infrastructure and end-user systems to determine your capabilities and needs. Then we’ll deploy and implement the best solutions for your business. From there, we’ll manage them so you can focus more time on what’s most important to you - your time with your customers.

IoT Automation

Bring your business to life with connected devices. When you go home at night, the last thing you want to worry about is if you turned the lights off at the office. Take control of your office and get an IoT automation solution that connects all of your devices so everything is just a simple screen tap away.

  • IoT Device Management
  • Automation Planning
  • Complete Media Integration



Protect your business from cyberthreats, digital attacks and unauthorized access to your network. We’ll help you manage your firewalls and develop your own security protocols so you can safeguard your business and your customers from today’s threats.

  • Vulnerability Assessment - How secure is your network? We’ll assess the strength of your security software and help you
  • Compliance testing - Ensure you’re in compliance with all local, state and federal laws concerning the storage and protection of customer data.
  • Software Updates - Get the latest patches installed so your network is always running the most current and secure versions of all your business-critical application.



Integrate your operations, communications and management through one inclusive network. We’ll maintain and streamline your network infrastructure through planning, operation and optimization to give you uninterrupted and secure operations.

  • Planning - We’ll assess the state of your current IT infrastructure and develop an affordable plan to improve your network efficiency.
  • Operation - Keep your business operations running at a high level with minimal system downtime.
  • Optimization - Eliminate redundant or unnecessary applications and streamline your network processes.


Technical Support

Personalized and skilled support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No matter how big or small the problem, we don’t stop until it’s resolved. From password resets to software deployment, we take ownership of every issue and resolve it to your satisfaction. You’ll get the support you need immediately and professionally.

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